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provide parents, legal guardians, and persons standing in loco parentis to students participating in Title I, Part A programs, meaningful opportunity to work with their school principal and staff in the planning, design, implementation and evaluation of the Title I Schoolwide or Targeted Assistance Program and Parental Involvement Program, including the school's Parent Involvement Policy and School-Parent Compact.

All parents of students receiving Title I, Part A ESEA services in a Schoolwide or Targeted Assistance Program may participate in all parental involvement activities at the school level, including the School PAC. "Parents" include natural or adoptive parents, legal guardians and persons standing in loco parentis to students.

Community member may also attend all the Title I meetings and contribute, if they like. They may vote on any matter considered by the Title I PAC other than Chairperson or Vice-Chairperson. Community members are not eligible to participate in or attend any conferences, workshops or other parental involvement activities funded with Title I parental involvement funds.

Purposes and Goals of the council are to support the role of parents and the school as equal partners in their children's education under the terms and standards of the ESEA Act and to allow community members and opportunity to contribute to and participate in that partnership.

NCLB-PAC also makes recommendations as an advisory body to the Principal and Local School Council on the school's Title I Program. Parent involvement Policy and School-Parent Compact and the expenditure of Title I funds (Title I ESA Schoolwide or Targeted Assistance Program funds and parent involvement funds).

The goal of the NCLB-PAC is to empower parent to inspire and assist their children to achieve educational goals, including, but not limited to graduating from school. The goals and activities of the School NCLB-PAC are also intended to support the role of parents and the community as partners with the school under the terms of Section 1118 of the ESEA Act, State Law, Chicago Board of Education Rules, Policies and these guidelines. In conducting its activities, including, ut not limited to literacy and parenting skills activities, NCLB-PAC will identify how the activities will connect to the following objectives.


1- provide assistance, support and training to parent to improve their literacy and parenting skills;

2- provide information to parents that will enable them to work with the school to promote their child(ren)'s grade level progress and academic achievements.

3- work with teachers, staff and parents to involve parents as equal partners in the education of students.

4- afford parents an opportunity to receive timely ongoing information, revise the school's parent involvement policy and school-parent compact, and have input on the school CIWP programs.

5- coordinate, to the extent feasible and appropriate, programming with other federal programs (such as Head Start, Reading First, etc.) and public preschool programs.

6- provide information to parents in an understandable and uniform format and, to the extent practicable, in a language the parents can understand.

Stephen K. Hayt Elementary School

Principal: Daniel Gomez
Assistant Principal: Chris Twomey

NCLB - PAC (No Child Left Behind Parent Advisory Council) Chicago, IL 60660
Phone: (773) 534-2040 - Fax: (773) 534-2187

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